Bob Walker and Frances Mooney Turn Their house In to a Feline Paradise

Bob Walker and Frances Mooney a couple in San Diego were crazy enough to share their bed with the first adopted cat intuitively. But as madness for the purring fur ball kept increasing their house and life changed along too, with its needs like climbing, scratching, and simply running around just like a cat would like to.

For Bob and Frances it become a 24 hours job to take care of their pet cat’s comforts, and even encouraged them to renovate their house with 140 ft length staircases, neon bulbs in cat shaped holes, scratching poles of different sizes and other customizations. They went to the extent of decorating the house with art objects such as paintings, portraits, carpet prints, and statues of cats.

The metamorphosis of the ordinary house into a place of interest has attracted tourists who are cat lovers from the all over the world. The couple once received about 900 visitors in four hours which almost makes the house a temple for the cult of pet cat lovers. As Bob Walker‘s love and interest in cats turned into an obsession, he became a photographer and an author which brought him to limelight. You could read more about it here.

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