Second Life Entrepreneur Jonty Glase Reveals How Big Virtual Luxury Really Is

You may have thought that buying something online for a few cents and then give it away as a gift is a great but frivolous idea. However, virtual shopping, and that too shopping for virtual goods that don’t exist in real life has become a huge business in itself. Those who cannot afford real luxury have begun to buy shoes that are considered luxurious online. For instance, people are ready to shell out $10 on a pair of shoes online, which is the luxury equivalent online.

Stiletto Moody is a virtual high heel shoes and is a luxury brand. It was created by the Second Life entrepreneur Jonty Glaser. He reveals that there are people who even bought his virtual shoes for $650 in order to send the proceedings towards charity. While this might sound like a bubble that is about to burst, he shocks us further by revealing that his business has grown 65% in 2009 to $567 million.

He plans to introduce several other lines as well, and he believes that there is an established base for virtual luxury products. Do we think it is luxurious to own an island online? Well, if you changed the “we” to “I”, the answer is an emphatic “no”!

Via: Forbes

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