Iconic Motors Unveil the Mind-blowing AC Roadster

The bloody recession finally seems to have disappeared at least in some circles of the society. The rich are finally beginning to spend, and considering this development, Iconic Motors are unveiling the AC Roadster. The AC Roadster would cost $475,000 and only 100 of these amazing machines would ever be built.

You could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just about 3 seconds. Ernie Elliott has designed and built the V8 engine which makes sure that the AC Roadster stays ahead of all its competitors. It could be one of the best race cars out there, that even the most macho of men would blush when offered to be given as a gift. 7.0-liter cam-in-block V8, 800-plus hp, 660 lb-ft; six-speed manual transmission and a 98 inch wheelbase are some of the more important features of the Roadster.

Even the electrical system of the car is quite amazing and it has been supplied by the Veedims LLC. It is an Ethernet based electric service that promises to change the way automotive applications and data are handled. Thanks to its 750 horsepower at the racer wheels, you would leave the world behind when you start speeding away!

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