Citation Ten Announced by Cessna is Better in Speed and Performance

The Cessna Aircraft Company is literally flying high. They are regularly coming up with better flying machines that are more efficient and easier to fly. Just a few months back they had announced Citation Mustang High Sierra Edition. And now they have gone ahead and announced the launch of Citation Ten. This is going to be a larger and advanced version of the world’s fastest certified business jet at 0.92 Mach, the Citation X.

This new aircraft from Cessna will come equipped with more efficient Rolls-Royce engines, Garmin G5000 avionics suite and a Cessna-exclusive advanced cabin management system. The CEO of the company was very optimistic about the collaboration with Garmin and Rolls Royce as it has created the almost perfect combination of speed, performance, ease of operation and productivity in one airframe – the Citation Ten.

The new aircraft will see an improvement in practically every field. The range goes up by 211 nautical miles. The maximum payload goes up by 214 pounds and the Citation Ten will climb straight to 45,000 feet at a much faster rate. The fuselage is longer by 15 inches providing that extra cabin space. The electrical system, avionics and the cabin management system have all been redesigned to provide greater efficiency and performance.


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