Foco Stoves: Very Cute And Effective

Sideros has brought out a whole new range of stoves that I am sure will catch your eye. These stoves are aimed at the high end market. Resembling actual furniture, the Foco 160 is made of compact thick steel that is then covered by Bordeaux, Vanilla or Sun Yellow ceramic, according to your choice. Priced at £3,200, this stove can heat area of upto 250m³.

Foco 140 has a thick steel frame with elegant elliptical lines and large frosted glass window fitted in front. Capable of heating areas around 225m³, this one is priced at £3,000. Foco 135 heats 150m³ of space and even has log space at the bottom. This has a price tag of £2,800. Foco 135 would be great for small homes or any small area. Foco 120 has almost the same features as Foco 135, but is priced at £3,000, and has a rounder, more elegant look.

Foco 110 looks very slender and sleek and comes at £3,000. Foco 75’s glass door, elliptical shape, and steel humidifier on the top give it a very modern look. This one comes at a cheaper rate of £2,300. Finally comes the Foco 185G, that can be rotated 360 degree and hence can heat a larger area. Its price is around £2,800.

Via: Appliancist

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