Callaway and Lamborghini Come Together to Develop Forged Composite

Carbon is finding more and more use in products that we use every day. It is today the strongest and lightest material we have. In fact it has brought together two disparate companies Callaway Golf and Lamborghini together. It might seem weird at first blush that Callaway and Lamborghini announced a research partnership last week at the Paris Auto Show. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. In both the golf and automotive worlds, composite technology is all the rage, and the goal is the same — to make the strongest, lightest, and most easily shaped material possible.

Forged Composite is the first material to come out as a result of the partnership. Rather than standard carbon-fiber composites, which use woven sheets of carbon impregnated with resin, Forged Composite uses a paste of carbon and resin that can then be shaped and molded. It will make it easier to make more complicated shapes without losing or compromising on the strength front.

Sesto Elemento concept car displayed at the Paris Auto Show was the first to use this material limiting the car’s weight to just 2,200 pounds. For Callaway, the first product with the new carbon will be its Diablo Octane driver. The company is excited about the possibilities as it is more effective than titanium.

Via: Wired

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