“Mobile Home” Caravan Wraps Luxury With Eco-Conscience

Urban settings hold ample opportunities to make money and live their dream but unhealthy lifestyle, pollution levels and stress makes one crave for occasional closer-to-nature type of getaways. If you belong to the same school of thought, Modular Solar caravan is tailor made for you. The eco caravan will help you benefit most from the nature without being blamed for carbon footprints.

The Be-Coc Mobile home includes two two shells and two swivel rocking panels per module and can be fully customized to suit one’s needs and temperaments. Owing to its 3.60 meter wide space, it bestows upon its occupants bright and sun-protected panoramic views. It features a kitchen, room, lounge and a bathroom. Its integrated solar panels make sure that you can enter into any territory without having to bother about energy needs.

The green spacious caravan is in line with the traffic and road regulations so don’t worry about being billed for taking it on the road. The standard version is available as for a price tag of $145,771 with all solar options. I believe further customizations will add up to the cost depending on their type.

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