Download Smartphone Apps Like the Affluent Do

If you use a Smartphone and wanted to know what kind of apps that you could download in order t be accepted in the affluent circles, read o. Lately, most affluent people have begun to downloads on to their Smartphone, and that too the ones that cost money. These apps are mostly related to weather, news and gaming. 58% of the apps have been related to weather and the next most important were the news related apps at 53% of the poll users.

Majority of the users were ready to pay for their apps, and many apps that cater to the luxury segment seem to be popular as well. It needs to be seen if we are going to see any app that is akin to James List or one of those online shopping marts. Mobile comparison shopping sites and branded apps by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and iLuxury were some of the most used as well.

Most people who downloaded these branded apps tried to locate a store, check products or just familiarize themselves with what is available in their favorite brand stores. If you were planning to use your Smartphone the way the affluent do, get these apps!

Via: E Marketer

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