Good Ol’ Sailor Vodka Gets Designer Tattoos!

Vodka had a humble beginning in the icy steppes of Russia. However, vodka was like the supermodel that grew up in a desolate corner of the world, only to arrive in Paris accidentally and begin to walk the ramp like a star. So, now being the most favoured club drink all around the world, Vodka has also been declared the most versatile drink ever.

If you were looking for a difference in the packaging style, you could take a look at these interesting Vodka bottles by Good Ol’ Sailor Vodka. You may notice the taste later, but at the first glance you would be surprised and your attention would be captured by the attractive bottle designed by tattoo artist Mattias Brodén.

It is also Sweden’s first Vodka to come in a Pet bottle, and also the first organically grown and made vodka. It has a fruity flavour and is distilled 4 times. Being organic in nature, Good Ol’ Sailor Vodka is a great way to go green when you go all purple in the face after being intoxicated. It could also be a great way to start conversations if your guests are being too snobbish and refuse to talk to you.

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