Bendable Paper Batteries Promise Sleeker and slimmer Gadgets in Future

Many of you might have faced situations where in you have to change the batteries of your gadget but you were only too embarrassed because of the bulky nature of the silly battery. Batteries have always been bulky and though technology has made sure that the size reduces, we still carry cellphones and other gadgets with heavy batteries in them.

In fact, when the size of the battery goes down, it could even become easier for us to get hold of gadgets that are small, tiny or thin and ergonomic. Scientists at Stanford University have discovered and developed bendable paper batteries that could be used in electronic papers.

However, these bendable paper batteries would be used in many other gadgets too, and I would not be surprised to see them being used in cellphones too, making them thinner and sleeker than the ones that we use today. The bendable paper battery makes use of carbon nanotubes coated with a film of lithium compound. That is applied to either sides of a piece of paper. Lithium works as the electrode and the carbon tubes behave as the current collectors. The paper in turn would behave as the electrode seperator. Let us wait for these batteries!

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