Would you Shell Out $12 Million for This Wedding Gown?

Marriages are, they say, made in heaven. To me though, marriages seem to be made on socialist or communist conveyor belts that hide behind capitalist motives. Thus, you have the worst of everything that culminates into a money making, sense and emotion numbing machinery that at the end of the day those who get married are sold into one big and fat lie.

Here is one of those proofs that anyone who dislikes the institution of marriage would want to use during arguments. The gown has been created by jeweller Martin Katz and designer Renee Strauss and comes with 150 sparkling white diamonds. It was announced at the Luxury Brands Bridal show. It was even the most important exhibit at the Dubai’s Fashion and Diamond show.

It costs an annoying $12 million and has still not been bought. who would actually spend $12 million on a  gown which is worn just once and thrown away? Maybe someone who has a billionaire for a father, and knows nothing about how un-promising being married to someone is, could believe in that. So go ahead and use this gown as a topic to rant against the institution of marriage.

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