Chinese Entreprenuer Chen Guangbiao Will Donate His Entire Riches To Charity After Death

Following the footsteps of America’s two biggest philanthropists Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, a famous Chinese entrepreneur Chen Guangbiao had promised to donate his entire fortune to charity after his death. This makes the first in China to reciprocate to the duo’s call for the wealthy to make charity pledges. His wealth is expected to be more than five billion Yuan i.e close to $735 million.

The Giving Pledge Campaign launched by Microsoft Head Honcho Bill Gates and Investment Baron Warren Buffet in the month of June and has so far convinced 40 US billionaires to donate at least half of their wealth to the tune of $125 billion, to charity. The founders of the campaign would be visiting China in late September for the purpose of a philanthropic gathering wherein China’s fifty super rich individual are invited.

Chen Guangbiao believes that his decision to part away with his fortune would serve as a gift to the duo during their trip to China. The entrepreneur was also ranked on top of the 2010 China Charity List for making extra ordinary contributions to charity in the past.

Via: Xinhuanet

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