Ambieth Table Heater is great in looks and functionality as well

Apartment heaters look bad. A lot of them just warm the place without really making the place more or cosy or comfortable. But not anymore. There is a new heater that was part of an Industry Project at the Massey University. And this very efficient and lovely is called the Ambieth Table Heater. The designer wanted to create a more comfortable living environment with the heaters.

Well I guess the designer wasn’t very happy with the apartment heaters like me. But atleast he did something about it. But then again, I am not an engineer. Anyway, so what is so special about this heater that makes it better than all the heaters out there in the market? Well, this one tries to capture the magnificence of nature and transform it into a modern product of daily use.

The designer visualizes this as a drop of lava that has been captured in a cell that radiates the warmth of mother nature. The design is a beautiful one unlike the other heaters that you need to hide somewhere in the house. It’s lighting reacts to the environment and is also wirelessly powered. This heater would be best suited for targeted heating.

Via: Behance

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