Chairman Diamond Edition Smart Phone by Ulysse Nardin

When you think of high end watches the first name that comes to mind is that of Ulysse Nardin. They have been in the business of designing and producing high end watches for a long time now. They have now included an upscale smart phone also in their portfolio. They call their smart phone the Chairman. The phone comes in several gold and steel color combinations and the models on offer is topped by a glitzy flagship model that is named the Chairman Diamond Edition.

The 18K white gold casing of the flagship model gives it sleek and bright exterior which is decorated with almost 2,000 brilliant cut diamonds which are handset in breath taking designs. The white ceramic trim adds to the smart look of the phone. The designer has made conscious effort to create an extraordinary look that befits a flagship model.

The inner technical specifications are no different from the other Chairman phones, which is in any case high tech and very contemporary in the features it has. It boasts of a 3.2 inch touch screen, HD video, 32 G memory and a unique watch inspired self-winding power mechanism on the back that supplements the battery. The price for this top model at $129,00 can be called value for money.

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