Ulysse Nardin Chairman: The World’s Most Expensive Phone Dazzles Geeks

Sometimes things just get better, and there is no end to it. Think about buying a luxurious phone, and you already have many on the block. If you wanted to know which could be the most opulent cellphone that could be bought without having to worry about how many diamonds it has, or if it has a good quality camera, you should consider buying the Ulysse Nardin Chairman.

It costs $50,000 and yes you read it right. It will run on Android 2.1 and it would also have a number of diamonds so you need not even wonder how many there are going to be. It shall work on most GSM frequencies and could be a great way to show who the boss is when you go to your favourite club where everybody has something to flaunt.

It also comes with a dock with speakers and a USB port which makes it easier for you to make sure all the files are transferred to your computer without worrying about losing any data. So go ahead and try to get this cool Ulysse Nardin Chairman and you certainly would not regret it. The cellphone is already available and if you would like to see how it looks, check out the video below.

Via: Crunch Gear

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