Bo, the Ultimate Pet Dog Flies in His Own Jet for Vacation

Every dog has his day and Bo, the Obamas’ family dog had his day when he flew in to Maine for the family vacation in a private jet of his own. After all, Bo tops the list of the world’s most famous celebrity pets. And he is no ordinary dog, he is the first dog. He made a grand entry in to Maine shortly after the jet carrying the President and his family arrived.

The extravagant style of travel of the Portuguese water dog set many a tongue wagging. When the story about Bo and his private jet was flashed it infuriated the conservatives who condemned the extravagance for the comfort and convenience of a mere dog. They questioned the necessity of providing the dog with his personal jet.

Before the story got out of hand it was clarified that Bo was not the only occupant of the jet and it was primarily commissioned for the Presidential staff . Bo was simply one of the passengers in that flight. The airport at the Hancock County Bar Harbor in Trenton is rather small and unsuitable for landing Air Force One. That’s why the President and his family also had to use a smaller jet to travel. They flew in a Gulfstream G3 jet and that’s why another jet was used to fly in the staff and the famous dog.

Via: Examiner

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