Snail: The innovative portable cooking device

Now this is what I call a bright idea. There are innumerable times when we wish if there was a heating device with us in order to cook our heat our food while we are on the road. Well I have news for you. There is really a product now that will enable you to do that! It is called Snail (the name is so because of the snails who stick to anything like this device which sticks to all kinds of utensils).

The ingenious designer for this product is Peter Alwin. It is really good to see people coming up with such innovative yet useful products. One can now be out and carry this thing and voila your dinner is cooked! This Snail would also be very useful on a rainy day. This is how this device works. It is made in a way as to stick to any cooking device.

It’s silicon base have magnets and that is how it does the sticking to. The heating happens through magnetic induction process. Since it is lightweight, small, and easy to use, I think it would come in handy. All it requires now is good marketing, and I hope it gets that.

Via: Tuvie

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