PG Bikes Rolls Out Blacktrail, World’s Fastest Electric Bike for $77000

Electric Bikes is one of the things that industrial designers have worked on incessantly for a long time. The end result is that designs that scale heights on design and performance on paper bite dust and the ones which actually made it to the mills disappointed with their speed issues. The German Bicycle Company PG Bikes thought of taking up the baton of correcting this deficiency. It came up with Blacktrail Bikes that gives you speed, zero-emission of carbon compounds and elegance in one single package.

These limited edition bikes have engines that are powered CM 48V lithium-ion battery pack. As a result, 150 minutes of charge peps up this bike to travel for about 200km with a speed of 100mph. I am in love with its metal attire for its refreshing to see to something other than overloaded 3D modeled designs. Its body is made of carbon, magnesium and titanium which explains it light weight of 16.8kg.

The Limited Edition Blacktrail Bikes come for a whopping price tag of $77,000 and each unit will bear an individual number to remind you that this bike is nothing but a piece of art.

Via: LuxuryLaunches

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