iTraveler: Easy to carry speakers for times when you are on the road

I think there is an abundance of gadgets that can be used to listen to music while we are travelling. There is the most common iPod, or even the MP3 players on our cellphones. But the one problem is that the quality of sound isn’t the best. Though with good earphones I guess I don’t have any major issues, but there are some who are not satisfied even with that. For such people, there is the new iTraveler loudspeaker system, brought to us by Ingenious Audio.

It works with iPod, and other audio players. The iTraveler has two separately powered stereo speakers that promise to offer amazing sound quality. They have neodymium magnets drivers, and are wired in a way that allows an extremely flat frequency response. The result is mindblowing music quality. The other plus points are that the stereo image is deep and the bass is also great without any needless gimmicks. It runs on the NiMh rechargeable battery system that can give 12 hours of playback.

If need be, then the two speakers can also be separated. They aren’t too big in size, so they can be easily carried around. They also come with iBags that are specially designed to carry the speakers. The easy to carry speakers can be yours for 249 Euros (approx. $325).

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