$50,000 Offered For the Puck That Won The Stanley Cup for Chicago

Memorabilia of any kind bring in a lot of nostalgia but those related with sports have a special significance as it brings with it the memories of a great victory which you want to relive time and again. There are memories of some terrible loss also that you want to destroy. One way to do it is to take out your frustration on a memorabilia related to the loss. There are several instances of game winning balls being prized possessions and changing hands for a great deal of money. The same is true now for pucks.

The Harry Caray Restaurant Group, owners of a chain of Illinois steakhouses named after the popular sports announcer, has declared his intention to pay up to $50,000 for the hockey puck that was used in game six of NHL playoffs which Chicago Blackhawks won brought the Stanley Cup to Chicago. The dramatic way in which the game was won makes the puck even more significant.

Grant DePorter had earlier helped buy the infamous “Bartman Ball”, the baseball that Cubs fan Steve Bartman interfered with during the 2003 National League Championship series. The ball was blamed for the  Cubs’s bad luck. It was finally bought for $113,000 and  detonated on live television. The lucky puck is being sought after for a different purpose.

Via: ChicagoTribune

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