Black Badger Turns Heads With Eccentric Coasters Made From Carbon Fiber and Titanium

Luxury is anything that a classy appeal to it and a hefty price tag. It is also about the process of glorifying mundane objects and making them a highlight of your temperaments. When I speak of sleek from Black Badger, I am referring to that connotation of luxury.

If you’re coffee table or dining area is piece of art and you have more wrinkles worrying about them than your age, these coasters would ensure that the least your visitors could do is not leave behind rings on tables. Made from solid titanium and aetospace-grade carbon, these run a limited number of 35. All of this raised the bars on price, making it worth $250 a pair. They also bear laser-etched limited edition numbers to add its eccentricity.

The peculiarity of Black Badger’s products earned them a place at the Envy Expo 2010 in California. These coasters are going to be showcased there owing to its high quality and distinguished attire. Some people might argue the price of the product, but I have a question for them. When was luxury backed by logical reasoning anyway?!

Via: SlashGear/UberReview

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