Dom Perignon celebrates the founder of Pop Art, Andy Warhol

Dom Perignon is one of the greatest names in the world of champagne. And it is only befitting that they pay tribute to the greatest name in Pop Art. Considering champagne has always been the most common way of celebrating something good. The person we are talking about is the amazing Andy Warhol who considered the founder of Pop Art.

For the very first time, Dom Perignon has altered its label by splashing it with six very funky neon colours. The neon lights are again very pop like. Just like Andy Warhol, these special editions of champagne bottles use colour in unique ways. The bottles will come in six different colours: Blue, Red, Lilac, Violet, Emerald Green and Yellow. This collector’s edition will only be available in four stores in Spain. These lucky few places are: the Terrace of the Hotel Urban (Madrid), Pacha Ibiza, CDLC (Barcelona) and Olivia Valere (Marbella).

The tasting notes of this special edition champagne is supposed to be so great as to impress the most discerning champagne connoisseurs. Well I am not surprised, considering Dom Perignon is known for its great taste. This programme is supposed to go on till the end of this year. Well, cheers to that!

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