The best-seller Eat, Pray, Love being released as a movie starring Julia Roberts

The books by Elizabeth Gilbert, called Eat, Pray, Love was a best seller. So it is pretty obvious that it was liked by many. But a trend that usually follows many successful books, of biting criticism, did not leave this book untouched. Many people thought that the book encouraged women to inculcate a self-centred nature. They also thought it was travel-writing rubbish.

If you ask me, the book wasn’t all too bad. And I think that all the criticism is mostly coming from those who were shocked by the different take this book took on how a woman’s life should be. That it is not all about being a happy wife and a mother. Now the book is being made into a movie starring the one and only Julia Roberts. The movie will be releasing this August, and I am sure the claws will come out against this movie as well. The movie’s official URL is enough to cause that backlash.

Due to the obvious connection with travelling in this movie, many Eat, Pray, Love- themed travel packages have cropped up. Infact guidebook publisher Lonely Planet has taken the role of promotional partner of the film. They will also help you plan a movie inspired journey.

Via: abcnews

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