Bugatti Gives its New Model a Golden Touch!

Bugatti cars have always graced your garage, but now Bugatti engineering has extend their craftsmanship to tiny models of the poignant car and it gets better, these models are made of 24ct gold!

If I am not wrong then automobile industry was the only industry which resisted the charm and glitter of bling, but as it turns out, there is nothing more powerful than a superfluous sparkle. Bugatti Veyron Diamond is a small scale model of the posh car, this model has been reduced to a scale of 1:18 and is made of 24ct gold and platinum. A 7.2ct single cut diamond flaunts the imperial design and adds to the sheen of this model.

Stuart Hughes of Liverpool and Robert Gulpen of Munich joined hands to make this magnum opus. It weighs 7kgs and is a rare limited edited, so if you are an ardent admirer of the brand and your pockets are hot, you must lay your hands on this one-of-a-kind.
The model has a functional steering and optional hoods too. It comes in an aluminum case along with a photo documentation which vouches for the genuineness of the manufacturing process. Priced at £2 million only three such pieces will be unleashed in the market!

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