Pivetta Opera One: Ink a Deal with the Most Expensive Power Amp

For high end music lovers you evidently need the best, you need a very good power amplifier. But if you like everything especially your music to be distinct and prominent then you have to have one of the latest the Pivetta Opera One.

The six feet tall and half a ton heavy giant monster has been designed by Pivetta Andrea and it is called the Pivetta Opera One. The Italian company has designed the Pivetta Opera One and will now be distributed worldwide. Good news is that it will be exclusively distributed by HigherFi. The Opera One amp comes with up to 12 speakers and can also be attached to a surround system. Initially priced at $650,000, the Pivetta Opera One is now at sale price of only $490,000 from HigherFi, and can be paid for in installments. Now for some technicalities the Opera One provides 12 channels of 1600 watts each into 8Ω, for a total of 19,200W and  it can also drive 4Ω loads with even higher or levels for a class AB. Obviously, that requires a serious power supply which must be connected to a 230/400VAC mono.

The amp can be used to drive a surround system with up to 12 speakers with balanced and unbalanced inputs for each channel. Alternatively, Pivetta is working on a bridging option which is to combine conduits for more power that could be available in future versions.


In raw terms the most expensive power amp HigherFi offers the Opera One goes for a discounted price of only $490,000 and for those who can afford and wants the best of the best for their music you better run for it.

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