BedBunker Storage Safe For the Paranoid Folks

Calamity strikes without an invitation so it’s in the best interest to have a backup plan. When I say backup facilities, your mind would quickly list down a month’s supplies of groceries and other essentials but to your awe I am talking about something grave and scary.  You got to be a mafia person or a filthy rich business magnate to have a gun and lot of cash handy. If at all you belong to that unfortunate coveted league, here is what will be extremely useful in times of crisis, the BuryBunker Underground Storage Safe.

The coffin look-alike safe can hold your pelican-type gun and a lot of green paper to help you sustain as you’re running from pillar to post to save yourself. It is made from 10 gauge steel and powder coated to render long lasting durability. I am sure the makers have imagined all possible situations which their potential customers could be put through. This explains the lid being equipped with watertight silicon gasket which can withstand temperatures as low as -60 degrees F.

One of the selling points here is that California Department of Justice has put their approval mark here and vouches for it. It is available for a price of $400 which is not much considering the riches of its potential client list.

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