Alberta Ferretti’s 3/4th length Jersey Dress is a stunner

All the women out there look for a perfect dress that fits them perfectly, and makes them look like a million bucks. The designers at Alberta Ferretti sure know how to do that. Through the years the fashion house has produced some stunning dresses which make a woman look sexy without being sleazy. And the accessories are another story all together.

The shoes are just to die for! Even the simplest of outfits can look absolutely stunning with Ferretti shoes. The most outstanding among them has to the purple open toed sandals. And one of the best Alberta Ferreti dress is the three-fourth Length Jersey Dress, which is priced at $1295.The whole dress is like a palette of colours. They are beautiful, yet not loud.

The patterns and the design help bring out the best in you. The detailing seems minimal but that’s the beauty of it. The string detailing along the side and the shoulder add to the beauty, though the tassels attached to them seem unnecessary. Despite that, the dress combines the freshness and vivacity through its colour, with sexiness and sophistication with its design and detailing. A thumbs up from me!

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