A bed that keeps you cool at night and saves electricity too!

Those hot sweltering nights in the summer make you twist and turn. The relief that you get from the air conditioning evaporates into the hot air when you see the electricity bill. But all that is about to change with the latest innovation called the Evening Breeze.

One could call it a bed with and ac. No No, don’t worry, this is not some new device that ends up increasing your bill. The Dutch company that makes this bed says that their beds have bed posts and canopies that have an inbuilt ventilation system. This is how it works; they suck in the air from under your bed, cool and dehumidify it, and then gently blow the cool air over you. It also comes with a remote control which can control the kind of air that blows over you through the night.

Sounds pretty simple. So now the hot air in the room becomes a cool breeze that helps you have a good night’s sleep. What is even better is that you will be able to save up to 80 percent of your electricity bill that is used up on the air conditioning. Currently this bed is found only in hotels and resorts, but there is no reason why you cant get it for your own house.

Via: SpringWise , Unplggd

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  • A bed that keeps you cool at night and saves electricity too! Wow, this is one sexy bed, and for me oh so perfect. This bed would be perfect for my wild hot nights and the extra energy saved I can use for even more pleasure. But really this would be an excellent bed for those hot an humid nights in the tropics and or the southern united states. Someone was really thinking here for sure.

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