Theatre for One: Performing For a Single Person!

They say, a theatre performance has to be as intimate as possible for it is all about connecting with the audiences. However, most artists are rarely able to do that on stage though most of them get really close to certain fans backstage. Those fans are usually called groupies, who get a little too warm with the performers and begin to perform with them backstage themselves.

Theatre for One is a unique project that comes with a certain device in which only one performer and one audience can get in fo9r a really “intimate” show. It allows for a “one-on-one exchange in unconventional proximity.” This lack of distance could be great for those who are go-go dancers, and also for exotic dancers who are willing to perform for rich lonely people who require all the attention in the world possible.

This unique performance pod would surely find acceptance in high-end adult clubs where all that one requires is a private area to get really close with the performer. Of course, the kind of performance that I am talking about is totally different from the one that is played on the stage, inspired by what the playwright writes. There is no information about its price or availability.

Via: Gizmodo

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