Warm Up With The World’s Most Expenisve Stove

Can a stove just heat up your house or your senses, your conversations and much more? Well not your regular stove, but the one cast in real gold can surely do that. Yes, a stove designed by a renowned sculptor and worth more than $4 million can truly warm up your eyes with its unique beauty. And the fact that it is the world’s most expensive stove can have quite a few conversations boiling around it.

Manufactured by third generation of a family owned company, Iron Dog 05 Huraxdox is the most valuable stove in the world. A Bavarian word, “Huraxdax” stands for “decampment of joy”. This joy was brought to life by Joseph Michael Neustifter, a sculptor whose traditional Bavarian works grace the walls of over 80 churches. Apart from being bejewelled with a precious metal, this stove is a also piece of art.

Two and a half feet tall, Huraxdax weighs approximately 260 kilograms. It can heat up 1000 square feet of your home and can boast of an 82% efficiency. This model is cast in silver or gold for people who wish to embellish every bit of their home. Each piece is handcrafted by artisans who after acquiring the precious metal commence the work, which lasts over two months. This wood-fired stove can be put to every day use and is made to order for selected customers who want a perfect mix of great utility, remarkable beauty and smart investment.

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