Noma’s Cuisine and Chef Makes it Best Restaurant in the World

Like every year the list of top 50 best restaurants is out and it has come up with most unpredictable and surprising result. Noma, a restaurant in Copenhagen known for its strictly Nordic cuisine has taken the top rank followed by expected ones like El Bulli and Fat Duck. What’s the secret of Noma that sets it so apart from rest of the best restaurants of the world?

The winning formula which worked for Noma is its idiosyncratic chef René Redzepi and his highly regional and seasonal cuisine steeped in traditional Nordic food culture. He cooks up amazing dishes from locally grown and foraged wild herbs, flowers, bitter green leaves, mushrooms and local seafood. It is like going back to times when most food ingredients were foraged from the wild and the sea. Noma doesn’t boast of a global cuisine and décor but is rather takes pride in its very unique regional and seasonal fare.

There might be lot of arguments about the list of restaurants but some names like Chateaubriand in France do give a feeling that this time food and cuisine took precedence over the décor. Whatever it is, such lists do give an excuse to visit them to grab and bite and judge!

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