Introducing Catnip ‘n’ Biscuits. An All New Luxury Hotel Built Especially For Pets

Whether it is a dog, a cat or even a hamster, the love and affection one’s pet knows no bounds and it has been a proven fact that, even during the recession, the one industry vertical that enjoyed economic success was the pet care sector. As per estimates released by the non-profit organization, American Pet Products Association, the total spending on items and amenities for pets is expected to reach $47.7 billion for this year.

In the spirit of keeping these animals as comfortable as possible Savannah, Georgia is now gearing up for the first of kind launch of an all new luxury pet hotel, Catnip ‘n’ Biscuits, which is designated as a doggie day care as well as a luxury pet hotel. This unique hotel will feature rubber floors, theme rooms and even televisions. Unlike conventional kennels, where the dogs and puppies are kept in confinement, Catnip ‘n’ Biscuits will provide the pets with an incredibly luxurious environment including air conditioned rooms and other services as well.

The pet owners have also been given the provision of keeping an eye on their beloved animals’ activities by logging on to the company’s array of webcams and their pets will have a constant 24-hour attendant at their side. Such a facility could prove to be greatly beneficial for those working pet owners, who wish spend some time with their pets, without worrying about the pets’ diet and activities while they are away.

Via Savannah Now

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