Diamler’s Luxury Auto Brand, Maybach Unveils The All New Updated 2011 Range

At the Beijing Motor Show, one of most luxurious and expensive automobile brands in the world, Diamler’s Maybach has now unveiled new updates to the 2011 Maybach sedans, where in the vehicle remains the same, but with the exception for a few changes in the configuration. Some of the Maybach lineup cars that have been given these updates are Maybach 57, 57S, 62 and 62S and these vehicles will feature a myriad of cosmetic, mechanical and interior equipment upgrades.

To enhance the external appeal of the vehicles, Maybach has applied a new grille, along with hood, tail lights and door mirrors. On the technical side of the upgrades, Diamler has significantly enhanced the V12 engine, with which the company hopes to achieve reduced carbon emissions and more fuel economy and the engine is said to deliver the same 542 horsepower. Although the in the case of the S series, the horsepower factor has been turned up a notch with 630.

The Maybach 62 S limousine will also be provided with a partition, separating the passenger compartment from the driver, along with an electro-chromatic tinting glass roof panel and the customers will also be given an option to increase the size of the rear screen to 19 inch from the previously standard 9.5 inch.

Via Luxis

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