Indulge in Sasha: Your Own Home Spa

Introducing Sasha, a complete home spa made to pamper your senses. Created by Albert Apostoli, it’s a masterpiece in itself that needs just 8 sqm of space, and lets you enjoy a sauna, shower and hammam, all at one place.

So let’s embark on the voyage of Sasha. Simply relax and experience how an unbelievable blend of water, aromas, heat and music stimulate your body and spirit. Feel how the choicest of materials like, wood, glass, steel and resin enhance the whole journey of rejuvenation. A journey that begins with sauna, where warmth of the wood welcomes your body and intense heat allows you to loosen up.

A customised Sauna, where only for your comfort rgb lights are positioned inside the bench and on part of the wall panel. Also, where you can choose between three different programs and colour sequences to go forward with.

Next you step in the shower surrounded by large glass panels and three refreshing water programs to purify you in and out. In Sasha, you can change the water games by simply touching the electronic touch screen control panel. In fact, combine it with colour themes to further add to the experience.

Finally, the hammam fills up your senses with warm dew, while the touch screen panel allows color to intermingle with the different preloaded programs. So in the end not just your body, but soul comes out completely revived.

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