iBookend: The Bookend Made From Apple iPad!

Since the launch of the much awaited Apple iPad, the online world is filled with praises and hopes for a bright future for the device, that many strongly believe will revolutionize the mobile device industry and could very well diminish our reliance on conventional books. The iPad has been called many things, from a tablet device, an e-readers, a multi functional web device to one of the most sophisticated mobile devices in the market.

However, now a designer, Dominic Wilcox, has taken the iPad to a whole new level and has created an all new concept, which he calls, iBookend. This incredibly creative concept, calls for the iPad to be used a bookend in conjunction with being an e-reader. So next time you are about to stack your books on the table, simply use your $400 iPad as a bookend and later use the device as an e-reader.

Well, this is something entirely new and in some ways comically refreshing. By putting the iPad in a slot designed and developed to keep the device standing in a vertical position, Dominic has turned one of Apple Inc’s prized creations into a mere bookend. There are some other very interesting concepts created by Mr. Wilcox when it comes to Apple’s products and these designs are part of the Esquire magazine’s 75th anniversary edition.

Via Variations On Normal

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