London Gets A New Landmark, The ArcelorMittal Tower

It is not secret that Britain has its hand full trying really hard to make the 2012 Olympics a spectacular event. And it has got artist Anish Kapoor helping out. Well, the sports authorities were looking for a new landmark for the city of London and Kapoor helped them by making “something”. Yes, that is exactly what the spokesperson called the structure at a press conference.

Kapoor’s vision for the much reverred sporting event took shape into a tower that will defnitely remind you of a rollercoaster ride that you almost died sitting on. The world got its first glimpse early this week of the structure that will remind Britain in its role as the host of the 2012 Olympic games for generations to come. Whether they are smitten by it or not is a different matter altogether.

Officially named the ArcelorMittal tower, this disoriented-looking sculpture cost $28.8 million and stands at a proud height of 377ft. It will house a posh restaurant as well as a viewing platform. Some 700 visitors will be able to to visit the site every hour. The tower is located right next to the 193 feet high Olympic stadium. Kapoor says that he sees this looping red tower as ‘an eccentric structure that looks as if it’s going to fall over’.

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  • I just found your website today, and what a great site- I’m amazed!

    I guess I’m a bit of a low-brow in that I don’t understand this “Art”. But I love the fact they’re calling it “A something!”

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