Superman’s Action Comics No. 1 Fetches $1.5 Million

Comic books have always been one of the favourite pastimes of people regardless of their ages. When DC Comics and Marvel comics came to being many decades ago, they provided an alternative source of enjoyment to people who were regularly being bombed by the Axis and the Allies in their respective countries.

Last month, a comic that featured the first edition of a comic with Batman got about $1,075,500. Now Superman’s Action Comics No. 1 sold for a record breaking $1.5 million. There are still some 100 copies of the comic apparently, and if you have one, make sure you sell it for something higher than this.

Most people start collecting comics as they grow up and if you have stashed a boxful of comics from your childhood or adolescence or even young adulthood, and if you are ridiculously old, you could try and sell them as antique pieces and make some money for your retirement. I am sure no person who bought a comic back in those days thought they would become millionaires ‘cos of their beloved comic books when they grow old.

Via: Luxist/Art Daily

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