$60,000 for a bottle of water helps save the Earth

The sound of paying $60,000 for a bottle of water might seem utterly absurd, but by the end of this article you would have changed your mind.

Lately, many artists, celebrities and the likes have come up with innovative ways to generate funds to combat the pressing problem of global warming. The latest endeavour comes from Fernando Altamirano who has designed a glass bottle covered in 24- carat gold! Created as a tribute to the late Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, whose artwork was the inspiration behind these gold bottles.

This estimated $60,000 worth of water comes from various pristine springs from all over the world. The intention behind this rather bizarre creation is not to satiate the egos of attention hungry, filthy rich people, but to save the planet. These special edition bottles will be auctioned on March 4 to raise funds for a foundation that works for the cause of stopping global warming.

At $60,000 a bottle, it is billed as the most expensive bottle of water. However, considering the noble intention and ingenious creativity behind this Midas-touched bottle of water sure makes it worth every single penny.


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