Introducing An All New Online Luxury Retail Store, ‘Touch Of Fabulous’

The world of luxury goods and services has been witnessing an exponential growth, both in terms of the seller and buyers and with new brands and products being launched almost every other day, it isn’t a surprise that, the luxury market is in fact booming. To add to the charm, here is yet another launch of an all new online luxury retail store, that goes by the name of ‘Touch of Fabulous’.

This awesome online retail store is the brain child of Pamela Raley and is dedicated towards providing the users a one stop venue for all major luxury brands and products as well as emerging new brands. already consists of some of the biggest names in fashion accessories such as Sobral, Jamin Peuch, LilyP, and Norisol Ferrari, who are known for their expertise in jewelry, handbags, coats etc.

This all new web service focuses on providing the customers with the there is in the luxury market and is designed to analyze and then cater to the users as per their individual style and purchase history. Touch of Fabulous is expected to become one of the foremost names in luxury e-commerce, as this online retail store is committed towards showcasing of some of the best luxury brands, unique items and is also constantly on the lookout for hard to find items for its valued customers.

According to Pamela Raley (CEO & Owner,,

“In the US, it’s very easy to find luxury brands like Chanel or Prada. However, overseas where fashion magazines are plentiful and stores are not, the first place shoppers go is online. The name, Touch of Fabulous, really gets people excited too, once they visit and start talking about it, everything becomes just Fabulous!”

Via PR Newswire

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