Virtusphere Augments the Virtual Experience

If you think that you have seen it all, the Virtusphere will make you realize that all that you have seen in your long insignificant life has been useless. This Zorb ball has the ability to replicate the movements in the virtual world.

Polhemus boom arm, omni directional treadmill and wired glove are passé now, and soon they will be made obsolete by this Virtusphere. This Zorb ball look-alike is mounted on a special stand, which allows free movements and confines the Virtusphere to the place where the stand is. The 10-foot hollow sphere has enough room for one man to step in, any movement made by the user will be aped into the virtual world. Thus, is augments the virtual gaming experience, no doubt, the gamers all across the world will consider it a boon.

Its application is not only limited to the gaming zone, it can find its application in the military training, law enforcement, health and fitness, virtual travel, architecture and construction and many more fields, all one has to do is change the software.
Well, this ball certainly has a lot on the ball, it is priced at $55,000. If you want to try out the Virtusphere you can get one at the Excalibur in Las Vegas.

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