Wanna Go Live In Paris? Stock Up Your Bank Account First

Move Tokyo, it is Paris’s turn now. No that is no reference to the hotel heiress that goes by the same name and loves to make headlines on hanky panky. In fact, it’s a survey that caught our attention this time. The Economist Intelligence Unit was looking up the most expensive city in the world. And it is interesting to see the effects of global recession and currency devaluation.

Until last year, Japan was the most expensive place to live in this world and that reflected in Tokyo and Osaka being on numbers one and two (as per another survey). But 2010 brought in a bagful of surprises. Paris which had never been touted as a high cost of living sorta place has now made i to #1.

From what we hear, the survey analysed the cost of living with regard to housing, food and transportation across 132 cities all over the globe to make a final list. Indian business capital Mumbai had fallen further down its 130th position as seen in 2009. According to EIU in 2009, Oslo was the most expensive city to live in.

Here’s the list.
1. Paris, France
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Oslo, Norway
4. Frankfurt, Germany
5. Milan, Italy
6. Sydney, Australia
7. London, U.K.
8. Dublin, Ireland
9. Chicago, U.S.A
10. Shanghai, China

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