Pleasure Home Company Unveils the Ultimate Home Media Wall

Gone are the days when we had to make a choice between the various shows coming on television: The lady of the house wants to see her favorite soap opera, the man wants his football match and kids always wanted their TV! The Pleasure Home Company comes as the knight in shining armor rescuing you from making that difficult choice, with its latest offering, the SmartWall AV. Talk about spoilt for choice!

This entertainment system consists of a 60” HD TV with two other TVs in parallel. If that wasn’t enough, it also boasts of a Blu-Ray movie/music jukebox, internet access, 980 Watt amplification, integrated speakers, i-Pod touch remote control and the option of surveillance camera viewing, all fully installed by specialists.

And to make sure that trivial matters such as hunger and thirst don’t come in the way of basking in the grandeur of this glorious innovation, it’s even got a fridge! All these gadgets are put together in an attractive armoire with luxury real wood finishing.

If all this has caught your eye and want to know more about the set-up then check out the SmartWall AV website and be prepared to be blown away, for they don’t call it ‘The Ultimate Home Media Wall’ for nothing.


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