A Coffee Table with Multi-touch Screen Could Just Be what the Doctor Prescribed!

PQ Labs Inc. has launched a coffee table that not only looks good, but also comes with a multi-touch surface. It can recognize up to 32 fingers on the screen. This makes sure than many people can interact at the same time. Thanks to its 42″ full HD LED screen you can fool around with anything you want, and you would not require keyboard, mouse or trackball.

It is called the iTable and seems to be inspired by the Apple range of products but this looks so much better! This device not only recognizes fingers but also other devices such as stylus, pen, glove, bottle, cup or even diamond. There is also enough room for you to keep your legs and thus it would fight o9ff all the weariness and make you feel at home.

All you would need is a great cup of coffee and then you are good to go. I would so love to get it for myself, and if I could I am sure my posse of friends would be right there pretending to drink coffee but busy making plans on how to go to the next shopping festival in some corner of the world, of course on the iTable Multi Touch Screen!

Via: PR Web

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