Helmets with SuperSkin® Are Completely Worth a Try!

If you thought that a helmet can save you from the dreadful brain hemorrhages, then you might have to revisit that thought. Helmets, which are known for incarcerating and thus protecting your skull, might as well cause a rotational injury. Philips took the pains of providing us with helmets which can reduce the risk of any kind of brain hemorrhage by 70%.

Intracerebral shearing, commonly known as rotational injury happens during accidents when the head ( with the helmet on) hits the road and because of the smooth outer texture of the helmets, it rotates, The whole process is so fast that it can cause the rupturing of the cranial nerves. Thus, Philips came up with the idea of covering the outer shell of helmets with a membrane, a SuperSkin®!

SuperSkin® is a highly elastic yet strong membrane, which is made to withstand any kind of stress and strain! Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg put this theory to test and they now believe that helmets with this technology can reduce the chances of rotational injury by 67.5%.� The SuperSkin® will not cost you more than 150 euros, as far as safety is concerned, there is no price to it.

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