Tamtam Flashlight GPS Makes Tourists Feel Secure

If you own a GPS, you will know that it is not always fun to use the device. For, outside of your car, GPS devices are usually not much use. On the other hand, if you have the traditional hand held GPS device or a smart phone with GPS, you may not like it always to hold on to the device for directions.

Designaffairs Studio has brought about the TamTam Flash GPS, which makes life a little easier in this direction. It makes it easy to find your way, projecting directions on any flat surface such as the sidewalk. The Tamtam Flash can also project a zoomable and scrollable map on any wall, giving you an overall picture on wherever you are. It is like playful discovery and resembles a flash light.

Instead of lighting the dark with a cone of light like the flash light does though, Tamtam projects navigation information on the user’s path. Besides this, Tamtam Flash can read QR codes to give you information about any location that may use them. The designers say Tamtam Flash is mainly meant for tourists walking in an unfamiliar city. It gives them the confidence to explore on their own. Tamtam Flash can also be loaded with information on local restaurants and tourist spots. The tragedy is, that this is only a concept for now.

Via: studioblog

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