Wallfa Works as a Wall and a Sofa

It’s a sofa. It’s a wall. Before you head goes reeling about what this piece of out-of-box furniture exactly is, you may be informed that this is Wallfa – a combination of the sofa, and the wall. It is a dual purpose furniture piece. It can be used as a wall. And as a sofa, and is divided by a stretchy casing that separates the space in between. As a result, it provides a comfy sitting area, and allows two people to interact from both sides of the wall, while they are still seated.

For those of us who are used to bad postures while at work, and not-so-functionally great furniture too, this one is an innovative piece that can be used as a double sided indoor hammock to stretch out, and to socialise. It is an example of how chairs need not remain decorative pieces about our living rooms, how they can be used to meet dual functionalities.

Wallfa measures 190 centimeters in height, it is 260 centimeters long and 100 centimeters wide.
On the cost front, Wallfa sells for $5,500. The black designer chair created by Jordi Canudas weighs 150 kilograms, comes in black, and is designed by Jordi Canudas.

Via: mydeco

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