Less Lamp: Break It to Let the Light Pass Through!

There was a time when my friends used to try and break the electric bulb which they used in their houses when I was a child. However, breaking the bulb resulted in darkness and some spanking by their nannies or babysitters in order to discipline them. Now, it is apparently possible to get a lamp which could be broken on purpose. The Less Lamp by Jordi Canudas must be broken with a hammer to let the light pass through.

It is not only interesting but it allows you to make creative expressions through manipulating the holes in the bulb. There is no information about the bulb’s price, but I am sure it is a cool bulb which would allow you to not only light up the room but also make sure that your room is lit up and everything looks great.

You could try to write stuff by making holes, create patterns and the choices are all yours. I must say it is a great and funky design which would work towards a friendlier and less corporal home for kids. Even adults could go ahead and enjoy lamps like this and bring the child out from their hearts.

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