Black & Spice, ‘N’ Everything Nice – Gold Lotus Clutch

The Gold Lotus Clutch is inspired by traditional Japanese purses. The shape’s the same and it even draws some more from the eastern culture. From what we hear, Lotus Arts de Vivre crafted this one from bamboo while reinforcing the pattern with decorative sterling silver corners.

It is all black with a lotus design (and so the name) that is handpainted by a celebrated Balinese artist who surprisngly has been kept a secret so far. And we wonder… Coming back to purse, it sure looks like a wonderful mix of gold pattern and silver hardware which both look gorgeous against the all black backdrop.

Most of us here are planning to go shopping for this one (with a promise that we will not all carry it at any common dos). Shows, how much it appealed to our fashion senses. Just one little think, it might be a tad awkward to open and close the Gold Lotus Clutch with great ease. But things are going to be much easier once you get the hang of it. Price is quite affordable at $950. They can ship it too but overnight shipping option isn’t available.

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