Audi Enters The German Toy Fair With Scaled Down Cars

It’s always the same. The current generation feels that the younger next generation has it easy. Well, such are the ways of evolution that life only gets better (we are optimistic about the global warming solutions). Take the kiddie circuit today, for instance. When we were little, we were quite thrilled with our fair share of Barbie and G.I Joe dolls. If daddy felt too generous you would even have a baby three wheeled cycle. Circa 2010, the young turks are not just taken seriously by their parents and the markets but they also get their own toy fairs.

The German Toy Fair has the likes of big brands like Audi who will be exhibiting exclusive model cars, remote controlled cars, stuffed cars and even an adorable Audi motorsports teddy bear. Among other highlights of the show, you can also get a look at the 1:2 version of the Auto Union Silver Arrow Type C versions that come wth a chain drive. And if it could only get better, you also have the option of test riding it too.

The body of the scaled car has an aluminum space-frame and it also features a hydraulic dual-disc brake that can be speed controlled by a 7-speed hub gear with back pedaling brake function. The mini car also gets leather upholstered seats and a steering wheel that can easily be removed to create a much easier entry-exit passage. Dunno if any parent would let the kid drive this on his/her own. Hmmm….that settles it we guess!

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