Snail Eggs Get Caviar Status

The gastronomical world is familiar with two international delicacies – caviar and escargot aka snails. But now luxury food world is going to witness a new trend that has captivated the attention of all internations chefs. We are talking about excargot caviar or should we say snail cavaiar or eggs!?

These snail eggs are quite a sight to behold reminding one of Japanese salmos roe than actually the traditional caviar we get to come across at these fashionable dos. The escargot eggs are larger and plumper. And as far as the taste goes, it is described as one of its kind. But there are still some who have compared it to the endangered sturgeon caviar.

So far one could get this delicacy only in France and Japan but now even the United States’ markets are taking notice. and if it helps, celebrity chefs like Andrew Zimmern are also promoting snail caviar in their travel food shows. Here is a little fact. Snail eggs are so exclusive because they are farmed and are very rare considering it takes one snail to produce 4 grams of eggs in the course of one year. You can get it at: Harrods in London, Hediard and La Grande Epicerie in Paris, Boucherie du Molard and Lyzamir in Geneva, Loegismose in Denmark, Plantin in the USA, House of Caviar in the Netherlands.

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